you are not burned out.

you are done playing small.

My clients across the globe have stopped settling for just trying to hold everything together in their high pressure businesses & ​crazy busy personal lives. If you are ready to love kicking ass at work again & actually enjoy your life, you’re in the right place.

“I was describing to a friend what my first session with Dr Liz was like. The words that came out of my mouth were, ‘That bitch reached through my computer and down into my body, pulled my heart out, holding it up, and saying, ’Why does it beat this way?’’

It was one of the most transformational moments in my life.”

~N. Bowman

Hi, I’r. Dr. Liz DuBois

I work with women in high pressure industries who feel they have to ​say yes to more than they have the bandwidth to handle—- in their ​businesses, at home, or both.

Most of my clients felt like they just needed to juggle things ​differently. In reality, they were putting other people’s needs ahead of ​their own to the point that they’d lost themselves in growing piles of ​to-do lists and competing priorities.

After working with me, my clients’ businesses are more profitable, ​fun, and impactful. Just as (if not more) importantly, my clients ​themselves have more time, emotional energy, and confidence. They ​actually enjoy their lives instead of just trying to figure out how to ​stay on top of everything.

If you resonate with this, know that it’s absolutely possible to create a ​less stressful, more joyful life--- without sacrificing building an ​incredible business or your family’s needs. Let me show you how.

my​ work is for you if...

  • You run a business or work in a high-pressure industry.
  • Your work & crazy busy personal life are starting to feel (or already feel!) unsustainable.
  • You’re spinning your wheels-- you’ve been trying to “figure it out” solo and are still not where you want to be.
  • You feel like you still have something to prove to others.
  • You have a hard time relaxing & enjoying what you’ve achieved; you feel like you’re not “there” yet.
  • A lot of your achievements have been about seeking validation or approval from others
  • You feel like you constantly have to be a different version of yourself-- work mode, parent mode,, financial mode, ​friend mode.-- & you’ve lost track of the real ‘you’ amongst all the things everyone needs you to be.
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about a decade ago...

I reached a point in my mental, physical, & spiritual growth where I ​simply couldn’t continue to say yes to more than I had bandwidth for.

Trying to "stay on top of things" was costing me the joy I once felt for ​my work, enjoying my son's rapidly flying childhood, and my health ​and wellbeing.

I had so much more on my plate than any one person could ​reasonably handle--- executive director of a rapidly growing ​organization, getting up hours before my infant son to work on my ​dissertation, default parent, health challenges of my aging black lab, ​and daily broken shit in my 150 year old house. And yet... whenever I ​“dropped the ball” and didn’t get something done, I beat myself up for ​"not having my shit together."

My self worth was so tied up in being able to perform at a high level, ​to be the "go to" person... so of course people felt comfortable asking ​me to take on more (cue Taylor... it’s me, hi, I am the problem it’s me.)

it's me, hi, I'm the problem, it's me

When I started doing the work I now teach my clients, everything ​in my life shifted radically for the better.

I had energy for the people and activities I love (including my sex ​drive coming back!), I stopped feeling resentful and put upon, I ​was able to be present and really enjoy my son, and I doubled my ​income within a year-- hitting six figures and working less than 30 ​hours a week for the first time in my life.

Today, my life is manageable and meaningful. And when I catch ​myself backsliding into overdoing and anxiety, I have tools to ​reset fast rather than spin out or slide backwards.

If you are done settling for just trying to hold everything together, ​and ready to truly thrive in your career and love the way you ​spend your time outside of work, I invite you join my clients from ​across the globe who have reclaimed joy in their high-impact ​careers, fun in their personal lives, and freedom from overwhelm.

my​ past clients have...

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Grown their businesses to the million dollar mark and beyond

More time with their kids while still increasing their income

Landed a TEDx Talk

Doubled their revenue

Increased sales by more than 17X

Gotten featured in Bustle and Forbes

Drawn boundaries with toxic coworkers and bosses

Increased their income by more than 40% in a month

Consistently reached Amazon’s Top-10 Bestseller List

Landed partnerships & juicy fat raises to go with them

Sold out programs within hours of their first session with me

Fired shitty clients and immediately got hired by new dream clients at higher price points

wa​ys to work with me

private coaching

growth & ​marketing co​nsulting

in my clients’ own words...

“I can’t emphasize how impactful working with Dr. Liz has been on my mindset, my relationship with work and money, and my personal and professional growth. The shifts are apparent in how I run my business, in my boundaries, and in how I communicate. I have never felt more empowered.”

– Maria Alcoke, Founder & Creative Lead, MariaVida Creative Studio

“What can I say about working with Dr. Liz? Umm… I’ve resigned to work with her 3 times. That explains everything. She has been the lighthouse to guide me back on my path. Even when things got really stormy. When repressed childhood trauma peeped its ugly head… Dr. Liz was there to guide me through it. And not only guide me through it, she showed me the steps I needed to take to become my better version of self, out of it. I am continuously grateful to have found someone as solid, genius, and effective as Dr. Liz.” -Michelle Almeida

“Dr. Liz is UNPARALLELED. She'll change your whole freaking life!!"

-Kyley Caldwell,

CEO, Kyley Caldwell Coaching

“Dr. Liz is a spirit-thriver and she will push you to be one too! She’s a tenacious go-getter, who pushes with care. You will embrace what you feel but she will ensure that feelings translate to action.”

– Kimberly Humphrey, Esq, Founder & CEO, Community Intelligence, LLC

“I want to express my most delicious gratitude to you. I cannot thank you enough having crossed paths.Thank you for leading me. Thank you for holding my hand when needed. Thank you for always being someone I’ve looked up to in the industry and in the world. You’re one of a kind. This planet needs more people like you. Thank you, Dr. Liz. I love you”

– Brittany Young, CEO, Brittany Young Consulting



  • confidence
  • happiness
  • excitement about your life
  • ability to speak up for yourself & say no
  • clarity and communication skills to let go of

anything that isn’t truly meaningful to you

  • financial freedom
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  • anxiety
  • stress
  • fear
  • physical responses to ongoing stress-- ie:

headaches, fatigue, compulsive eating, etc.

  • rumination on past & present “mistakes”
  • dreading getting out of bed

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“Dr. Liz DuBois changed my life”

When I first started working Dr. Liz, I was in a challenging life transition, I was unsure of who I was, uncertain of my purpose in this world. From the first conversation, her intellect, compassion, kindness, and honesty catapulted me out of my insecurities and into opportunities I never imagined myself capable of prior to working with her.

I’ve grown in so many ways--- how I see the world, myself, my abilities, my intellect, and how big I allow myself to dream for my future professional and personal goals. Dr. Liz’s mix of facing root causes of insecurity with directness and compassion, combined with extremely practical troubleshooting in high stakes professional moments--- prepping for my TEDx Talk comes to mind!!--- has pushed me to become a much more powerful, authentic version of myself.

Dr. Liz has been my guiding star on the darkest of nights and celebratory partner on the best. Saying ‘thank you’ feels too small for all the ways she has changed my life.

~ Brooke Young, Brooke Young Consulting

Your business is going to truly, sustainably take off the second you ​stop trying to do things “the right way” and start to

trust your heart and your gut

to guide your decision making.

~ Dr. Liz

the overwhelm ​ends here

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